Ugo Edu’s SECURING TIES on 5/4


We are thrilled to close out our 2015-2016 season with a reading of Ugo Edu’s Securing Ties on May 4th at 4PM in Zellerbach Room 7 (please note location change).

New Play Poster Spr 2016 SecTies revised.jpg

Securing Ties, based partially on Edu’s PhD fieldwork in Brazil, is a potent dramatic exploration of the politics of race and sexual health. We’re honored to partner with Rhodessa Jones’ “Performance: An African American Perspective” to make this reading a reality.

Ugo Edu.jpg

Ugo Edu is a medical anthropologist, currently completing a postdoctoral fellowship at San Francisco State University. This is her first full-length theatrical piece and is based on her dissertation research. This builds on her experience developing theatrical material and performing in a UC Berkeley Black Theater Workshop production entitled “At Buffalo” in 2011. She has assisted in data collection for a theatrical piece about the Freddie Gray murder in Baltimore and has been a collaborator with Brazilian choreographer Isaura Oliveira as dance and capoeira performer since 2014 with the Teatro Brasileiro de Danca: The Bahia in Oakland Collective stage production.

The reading will be directed by Joshua Williams and will be followed by a Q&A with the playwright. Free and open to the public.


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