We couldn’t be more thrilled to present a reading of Brandon Woolf and Maxwell Flaum’s The Summer Way on Wednesday, April 6 at 4PM in Zellerbach Room 7.

New Play Poster Spr 2016 BW MF Final.jpg

The Summer Way is a deep dive into our contemporary media maelstrom, inspired by the legendary disagreements of Norman Mailer and Marshall McLuhan. Race! Terrorism! Black and white cookies! Drones! Tony Soprano! This piece is everything (and nothing) you’d expect.

Brandon Woolf

Brandon Woolf is a theater maker and a scholar of performance. He is the co-founder of two performance ensembles – Shakespeare im Park Berlin and the UC Movement for Efficient Privatization (UCMeP). Brandon is an alumnus of TDPS and the Program in Critical Theory at UC Berkeley (2007-2014). In 2016, he will be joining the Program in Dramatic Literature at NYU as a visiting assistant professor of theater.

Maxwell Flaum.jpeg

Maxwell Flaum is a writer and co-founder of Shakespeare im Park Berlin. He hides in Germany.


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