Jonathan Ceniceroz’s “The Cruise” on 2/10


We’re excited to kick off our spring 2016 line-up of new play readings with Jonathan Ceniceroz’s “The Cruise,” directed by Christian Nagler, on Wednesday 2/10 at 4PM in Durham Studio Theater. Free and open to the public.

The Cruise.jpg

In “The Cruise,” Ceniceroz explores the colonial histories and dark politics underneath the decadence of Caribbean cruise culture. Join us for a reading of the piece, followed by a discussion with the playwright facilitated by our own Martha Herrera-Lasso.


Jonathan Ceniceroz

Jonathan Ceniceroz is an American playwright and screenwriter whose work has been produced and developed by leading regional theaters throughout the United States. He is a native of Los Angeles and earned advanced degrees in writing from UCLA and Brown University.

Jonathan’s work often investigates the intersection of spiritual faith and the pragmatic needs of human desire. In addition, he explores the evolving definition of racial and sexual identity in the U.S. quite often in blunt and satiric terms. His writing provokes discussion and debate and is noted for its intrinsic honesty and high artistic quality. His most well-known works in theater are the plays, Lupe, Now! The Drowning of Natalie Wood, BIG BRO/lil broand Hole in the Boy. In film he co-authored the international teen horror film, Kill Me Tomorrow and is the writer of Mousy Brown and Der Fisch. He was a 2012-2013 Member of the National Hispanic Media Coalition TV Writers Program where he wrote a popular episode of CASTLE and the original drama 7 MARES.


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