Carmen Aguirre’s ANYWHERE BUT HERE on Wednesday 10/14 at 4PM


We’re very excited to welcome our first playwright from abroad to the New Play Reading Series. Carmen Aguirre is in town for a reading of her play Anywhere But Here tomorrow, Wednesday 10/14 at 4PM in Durham Studio Theater on the U.C. Berkeley campus.

anywhere but here poster 3

Anywhere But Here is about finding freedom across borders, culture and art. It tells the story of a family road trip across the Americas, of exile, desert apparitions, and 1970s radical feminism. Not to be missed!

Carmen Aguirre

Carmen Aguirre

Carmen Aguirre is an award-winning, Vancouver-based theatre artist and author who has written and co-written twenty-five plays, including The TriggerThe Refugee Hotel and Blue Box. Her work has been seen across North and South America. She has over sixty film, TV and stage acting credits. She is currently working on three new plays, and her second memoir, entitled Mexican Hooker #1 and My Other Roles Since the Revolution, which will be published in April 2016 in Canada and the U.S. by Random House International and in the U.K. by Granta Portobello.

Anywhere But Here will be directed by Martha Herrera-Lasso and will feature the students of the New Play Practicum. Kimberly Skye Richards will lead a Q&A with Carmen after the reading.


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