We couldn’t be more thrilled: our last reading of 2014 will be our very own Martha Herrera-Lasso’s luminous play Frente al Mar!

Frente Al Mar Flyer

This beautifully-written play is fearless in its exploration of love and grief. Follow Ana to the lagoon where she and her family went to see the whales as she works through the emotional aftermath of her brother León’s death. What does Doña Gema’s prophecy really mean? And is there anything left of León’s voice, now that he’s gone? Absolutely not to be missed.

Martha Herrera-Lasso

Martha Herrera-Lasso

Martha Herrera-Lasso is from Mexico City, where she studied playwriting at the national university (UNAM), and later worked as writer and developer for theater and television. She has an MA in Theatre from the University of British Columbia, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Performance Studies at UC Berkeley, with a focus on language, performance and immigration. She likes to think, speak and write about how languages and cultures are translated, circulated and made to intersect.

The reading on 12/3 will be directed by Joshua Williams and will feature a Q&A with Martha and master playwright Philip Kan Gotanda. Hope to see you there!


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