Happy Almost Thanksgiving!

Next week, on Wednesday 12/4 at 4PM in Durham Studio Theatre, we’ll be hosting our last reading of 2013: the amazing Cleavon Smith’s amazing Before the Shadows of Night are Gone. You don’t want to miss the latest work from one of the Bay Area’s most essential new voices. So read on – and mark your calendars!

Cleavon Smith

Cleavon Smith

Before the Shadows of Night are Gone is based on Frances Hwang’s short story “Nine Views from Cherry Hill” and dramatizes the ripped-from-the-headlines trial “The People vs. Ray Furoku.” A thirty-eight-year old man has been charged for lewd and lascivious acts with a thirteen-year-old girl. As the details of their relationship are revealed through scenes of their time together and the testimonies of “eyewitnesses,” not only does the true nature of their relationship come into question but also for whom is justice being served.
Cleavon Smith is a graduate of the US Naval Academy and Mills College. He won a PlayGround Emerging Playwright Award for his short play “You Eat What You Kill” in 2012. Cleavon lives in Oakland and is an English faculty member at Berkeley City College.

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